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Why use ALBATRAVEL System

  • 70,000 Worldwide Hotels at Net Tariff - Sell at your own price.
  • 5,000 Direct European Contracts.
  • Italy Specialist with direct contracts and villas.
  • Multiple Integration - Book with your code via or create your own White Label or even integrate our 70,000 Hotels via XML with your own travel product.
  • Up sell your customers with tour guides, transfers, car rental, ferry trips, theatre trips.
  • Customised vouchers and statements allowing your agency to brand effectively.
  • Customer service at the click of a mouse - Live Interactive Assistance.
  • No cancellation fees up to 24 hours before arrival.
  • Flexible Payment Terms - Company Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Deposit Scheme.
  • We offer a free travel insurance policy with all our hotel reservations, use this as an incentive to book or assign a £ value and sell the policy to your customers, improving profit margin.